About Us

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About us



Alexandra Goldberg

Snir 25 Maalot Israel



טקסט קבוע -Copywriting
Creative copywriting,
selling texts, SEO,
websites content


The art of modern advertising text is to reveal all the best sides of the product, to create a dream, a desire, a perfect image.


Advertising text – just a small seed that can bear bruit of results to any advertising campaign.


Everybody has a dream – to create an original brand name, to come up with catchy slogans, write a text ad that sells.


We know all about your dreams! And we make it happen, for real this time, as far as:


  • Success of the Ad Text = Cool Idea
  • Success of effective Ad Campaign = Correct Objective
  • Sales Growth Success =Competitive Strategy
  • Success = Professionalism, Creativity, Responsibility



All the rest – only a means to achieve goals!


However, only professionals can turn each of these means into a magical tool.

Amateur or expert – who would you trust?

Our profile – copywriting, online communication and branding.


Our forte- original ideas and effective solutions for all levels of advertising.

We know what you need and what is important for your business.

Looking for an original name for the brand?


Would you like to tell the world about yourself in unconventional  and bright way?


Write text ad that sells?


Your online business needs serious marketing support?


We are ready to offer you a working idea!


Turn your best projects into reality !



Alexandra Goldberg

Snir 25 Maalot Israel



Tailor-made copywriting


Please note – It is important for you and your business!




  • Text-related costs are fully repaid within 1 month.


  • A professional text increases the conversion of 2 times or more!


  • There is no point to spend money on promotion and contextual advertising without good selling text!


Tailored advertising text should be more carefully worked on.


Promotional articles are the first step to success.


Writing promotional articles with high response rate  is professionalism, multiplied by the years of experience and hundreds of advertising texts.


SEO Copywriting


important things that copywriting text should include



  • Useful and interesting information,
  • Without grammar errors
  • With logical structure and readability,
  • With delicate visual presentation,
  • It is important to use sub-headings,
  • The text should include the answers to the questions the user was looking for


The topic and the idea of an ad article makes the article. Promotional articles are the first step to success.

A genre varieties are many, such as:

  • Success story
  • Legend
  • Review
  • Analytical review
  • Interview
  • Popular scientific research
  • A Fairy Tale and more
  • Blog

Picture, name and address on every page


Alexandra Goldberg

Snir 25 Maalot Israel


  • Contacts
  • Alexandra Goldberg
  • Snir 25 Maalot Israel
  • Tel:+972-547-535294

Representing myself

I position myself  as a  marketing content writer, copywriter and editor.
Have been working for 10 years as export and import manager in manufacturing.
Currently started SEO marketing course.
Mastered legal contracts summarization skill during successful project with Word Par company.
I’m right over at [email protected] if you ever want to talk export and import issues, copywriting or marketing. You can also find me at www.allcorrect.co.il



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